#48 Nick Jordan-Change Your Life with Charity

October 12, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

About 3 weeks ago I returned from a trip to Uganda with a group of supporters of Wells of Life, a non-profit bringing clean drinking water to nearly 300,000 people in in the Central African country. I left the trip a changed man. “Giving” has always played a big role in my life but nothing like what I felt after this trip.

After spending 10 days in the rural 3rd world I am a changed man. I’ve become a trustee with Wells of Life in Uganda, and currently I’m discussing an opportunity to become a Board Member. Wells of Life builds wells that deliver clean water. To date we have nearly 300 wells providing clean water to more than 300,000 people.

Today I’m doing my second interview with Nick Jordan, Founder, Wells of Life, Inc. to discuss how charity and giving will “change your life.” Nick Jordan is a perfect example. He was uber successful in commercial real estate when a combination of life changes, the 2008 recession, and a trip to Uganda changed his life in what we called on our first podcast as his move “From Success to Significance.”

Born, raised and educated in Ireland, Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from University College, Dublin.  After fundraising for schools in Uganda in 2008 Nick witnessed overwhelming poverty and lack of clean water. In 2009, he founded Wells of Life to begin bringing clean water, beginning with work in Uganda.

You can reach Nick Jordan at http://www.wellsoflife.org/

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