#41 Jim Palmer: “Just Say Yes” to the Life You Really Want

July 19, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

My special guest today is author and entrepreneur Jim Palmer. Jim is the Founder of the Dream Business Academy as well as the host of Dream Business Coach TV and a weekly podcast titled Dream Builders Radio. If I count correctly he has authored eight books. Today I want to talk about his latest book, “Just Say Yes.”

Although Jim’s primary audience is small business owners and entrepreneurs, his insights on living “a life that matters” are remarkable. I read “Just Say Yes” and quickly decided I have to get this guy on The Next Chapter with Charlie. I’d like to talk about “Just Say Yes to the Life You Really Want” and I can’t wait to hear his amazing insights.

You can more on Jim at www.getjimpalmer.com

For a copy of his book go to www.justsayyesbook.com

Also take a tour of the boat he lives on at www.ourfloatinghome.com

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2 thoughts on “#41 Jim Palmer: “Just Say Yes” to the Life You Really Want”

    1. Thank You Chris. I, too, really enjoyed my time with Jim Palmer. I’m looking forward to the next episode with Terry Hershey on the Meaning of Life. Terry offers some fascinating insights. Thanks for listening!

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