#4 Interview with Devin Chatterton: New Beginnings

September 5, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

This is an unusual and exciting interview for Charlie. Devin is the youngest person he has interviewed for the show. In her mid-20’s Devin just graduated Georgetown Law School, just completed the bar exam and is anxiously anticipating her first position as an attorney.

A few insightful takeaways make this a great episode:

1. New beginnings occur all the time. We talk about the incredible similarities between Devin seeking her first “real” job and another woman facing retirement. The issues involved are amazingly similar.

2. The value of self-reflection.

3. How to “parent” your college student and ones entering the professional workforce for the first time. Devin has “killer” insights.

Don’t miss this one.
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