Permission to Be You #4: How Parental Expectations Might Steer You from The True You

April 11, 2016 by Craig Hewitt − 0 Comments

Welcome to episode four of The Permission To Be You. As your hosts, Charlie and Terry are here to help show you how to enhance your life with more meaning, less clutter and more excitement.

As we discuss overcoming the obstacles to becoming the authentic you, we find ourselves drifting to the topic of giving yourself permission to disallow expectations, to release them into the stratosphere and give yourself permission to be the real you, instead.

Today we are talking about expectations and how they impact your life. And not any kind of expectations, but the ones that come upon you in early childhood. What we’re asking is that you evaluate those and see which ones are the authentic you.

So, what happens in your first seven years on the Planet that so sets your expectations, goals and the way you define yourself? The answer is simple: there’s a lot going on during this time and you’re so very easy to influence.

At some point in your life, your may very well have someone put a bushel over your light. Any of the negative messages you’ve heard, you begin to internalize. It’s no longer about what comes from the external sources, because at some point you accept it and assume it to be the truth. One of the most important things is knowing when to call time-out on making that equation.

Labels are very scary because they put boundaries around things and make them unnecessarily boxy. The educational system isn’t created for people who are ”different” and so those expectations are there, but a second part of it is that we assume or somehow believe that our identity and our very value is at stake.

Adventure is going to be different for different people. The thing about excitement is the expectation part. In the middle of our ordinary day, that fully alive child inside of us can be brought to delight and wonder.

Till now we’ve talked about expectation as a negative influence that we fall prey to, but there are certain ones that are genuine and good, as well. There are standards that help us cope with life. It’s not that we’re against expectations, but the ones that mark our identity are so important to get right.

It’s up to you to recognize and separate the good and the authentic from the bad. And when you discard something negative, you must replace it with something positive. So today, we’d like to end by telling you that you are unique and you have been influenced by so many people in your early childhood, and if you could somehow take an inventory of that, that would be really cool.

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