#38 Kevin Fehrman – Life Enhancement: MOVE To the City of Your Dreams

June 27, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

My guest today is Kevin Fehrman. Kevin is a wills, trusts, and probate attorney that started his own business nearly 40 years ago. His is also a popular public speaker and renowned singer. He has sung the National Anthem several times for the Los Angeles Angels, opened with song at an event in which Dr. Laura was the main speaker, and has sung at scores of civic and public events, churches and weddings.

In fact I invited Kevin to sing for me at my very first major speaking event to more than 2,000 people about 30 years ago. Then a few moths later I performed his wedding. He has now been married to his wife Nancy for 30 years. That means I was married for only 1 year when I did his and Nancy’s wedding. Man Kevin? we’re getting old.

Kevin works as a personal one-on one lawyer for “mainstream or middle Americans,” what he refers to as “hard-working, family-loving individuals.” So today we just might get into wills and trusts just a bit.

But our main subject will be about Kevin and Nancy’s decision to simplify their lives by moving from Orange County with more than 3 million people to Boise, Idaho with a population of just over 200,000. Moving away from the insanity of the big city is something most all of us have considered at one time or another, especially as we grow older.

Let’s discover the process Kevin and Nancy used to make that decision.


You can discover more about Kevin at:

Website:      www.livingwillstrusts.com
Email:             kevin@kmflegal.com


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