#319 Taryn Voget:”In Person” Value or “Sound-Bite” Hype

June 12, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes  

Hey Paul.

Did you know that our guest today, Taryn Voget, is responsible for birthing our podcast, The Next Chapter with Charlie. This show was all Taryn’s idea.

After she and I had lunch at a client’s cafeteria, she said something like, “Charlie, you ask such good questions, you should do a podcast.” That was 7 years ago, and today we are on show #319!

But that’s what Taryn does… she brings the best out of people and very often that best is about something that feels like a surprising attribute. 

And so today, executive coach, high level consultant and partner-in-thought, Taryn Voget, will surprise us with fresh ideas about life in a whole new era, one of the 60 second, sound-bite mentality that is making us all feel rather insane. 

I can’t wait to discover what is new in the brilliant mind of Taryn Voget.


Please check out Taryn’s fabulous website at HERE

Taryn also has a fascinating monthly Newsletter titled Coffee with Taryn. I subscribe… and that in itself is rare. Haha.

Check out Taryn on YouTube. It so cool!!!

Check out this episode!

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