#315 Joseph Drolshagen: You ARE the Vision of Yourself

May 15, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes  

In today’s show, we walk along a journey of success and travail, for the two are inextricably tied together. Joseph Drolshagen shares a convincing argument of the value of difficulty and how to use that difficulty for shaping the life you really want.

The two questions Joseph asks every client are: (1) Where are you now” And, (2) Where do you want to be? He believes the answer to the second question, “Who do you want to be?” always comes down to a matter of personal vision. 

We address those questions and many more on this entertaining and fabulously insightful podcast on how to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of you and the life you want.  


Please check out Joseph’s really fine website HERE

If you want free 15 minutes with Joseph, contact him at www.coachwithjoey.com  

Check out this episode!

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