#306 Courtney Marchesani: Empathetic Gifts

March 13, 2024 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes #306 Courtney Marchesani

Today’s guest, Courtney Marchesani, is one of my very favorites. I think she has been on the show four times over the past six years!

Courtney is the author of the popular book Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive. Her insights into sensitivity help readers identify their gifts of intuition, empathy, vision, and expression as a means to maximize their potential.

As you will soon discover, Courtney’s empathic style emphasizes nonjudgement and acceptance and learning how sensitivity’s silent effects can impact mental, emotional, spiritual health and wellness. 


Visit Courtney’s website HERE

Click here for access to Courtney’s Free Sensitivity Test

For Courtney’s book go to Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive



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