#302 Rebecca Whitman: Manifest YOUR Abundant Life!

November 28, 2023 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Our special guest today is truly very special. Rebecca Whitman created her very successful life, manifested it, and lives into it. Today, I want to ask Rebecca about what it takes to manifest and create the kind of life that matches who you are inside.  

Just a couple of Notes on Rebecca.  

Rebecca’s mission: I am passionate about empowering overworked and overwhelmed women to transform from BURNED OUT to Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant. 

Rebecca’s Reputation: Selected as Top Coach of the Year 2022, by the International Association of Top Professions.  

Just One Little Piece of Advice from Rebecca: Being a business owner is multi-dimensional and it can be quite challenging to successfully manage it all and trying to Lone Wolf it is setting yourself up for overwhelm, burn-out and eventually… often, failure.


Get all the information you need PLUS Rebecca’s Free Journal HERE.

Visit Rebecca’s Website HERE. 

Visit Rebecca on Instagram: @rebeccaewhitman


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