#30 Christa Paarni- Doing What You Really Want

April 11, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

My special guest for this show is Christa Paarni, Founder and Owner of The Salvaged Soul. The Salvaged Soul is a rustic decor and unique furniture brand rapidly growing in popularity ? over 35,000 Instagram followers and counting.

Christa, the “mompreneneur,” is also known as ?#MomtheBuilder, and is the mom of two rambunctious little boys named, River and Kashe. In addition to being the creative Mom behind Salvaged Soul, she is also an awesome woodworker, wanderlust and free spirit.

Whether it’s DIY, interior decor style, or boosting your brand, Christa Paarni can help take your look to the next level. With a vision in her mind, she created her very first end table and from there, her collection has sprouted into benches, dining tables, beds, and more.

In this episode we talk about creativity and running a successful business without compromising your role in the family as a mom and wife.

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