#295 Rich Kirkpatrick: Unlocking Your Creative Genius

September 26, 2023 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Hi All, 

Our discussion today is about one of my very favorite subjects: Creativity. We will delve into the questions: Are you a Creative and if you are, what might a Creative Process look like? 

Our special guest today is author, speaker, and popular musician Rich Kirkpatrick. Late last year Rich published an incredibly useful book titled MINDBLOWN. It’s all about Unlocking Your Creative Genius. And yikes…we have a lot to talk about!

Just a bit about Rich Kirkpatrick. 

Rich Kirkpatrick, a native of San Jose, California, has worked as a church musician and ministry leader. He writes, consults, and speaks about the intersection of creativity, faith, and leadership.

Rich also writes a blog, and his work has appeared on several prominent sites. 

Enjoy the show. 


Check out Rich’s blog HERE.

Please look at Rich’s new book (which I very much enjoyed): MINDBLOWN: Unlock Your Creative Genius by Bridging Science and Magic.

Check out this episode!

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