#28 Nick Jordan- Wells of Life

March 30, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Today I’m visiting with Nick Jordan, Founder, Wells of Life, Inc. a group that is committed to bringing clean water to 1,000 communities in Uganda and beyond. Nick believes in combining business and philanthropy that allows him to inspire others to make a lasting difference in the world. As we will discover, Nick Jordan is a perfect example of what Bob Buford called moving “From Success to Significance.”

Born, raised and educated in Ireland, Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from University College, Dublin.

After fundraising for schools in Uganda in 2008 Nick witnessed overwhelming poverty and lack of clean water. In 2009, he founded Wells of Life to begin bringing clean water, beginning with work in Uganda.

You can reach Nick Jordan at http://www.wellsoflife.org/

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