#268 John Pearson: Pt 1 Mastering Mistake-Making

February 7, 2023 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes  

Today I will be chatting with my good friend, John Pearson, who calls himself a master, but not like you might think. John calls himself a master of mistake-making. Yikes!

Just a bit on John Pearson… John is a board governance and management consultant from San Clemente, California.

He served more than 30 years as a nonprofit ministry CEO, 25 of those years as the CEO of three national/international associations, including The Willow Creek Association and Christian Management Association (now Christian Leadership Alliance).

John is also the author 10 books on board governance and leadership development, with an emphasis on leadership at the highest levels in an organization.

With that, let’s welcome author, CEO, consultant, and non-profit guru, John Pearson.


For more on John Pearson visit his website at https://www.managementbuckets.com/about


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