#267 Jimn Kyles: Pt 2 Unstuck and Unstoppable

January 24, 2023 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show NotesĀ 

A handful of times in the past we have so enjoyed our time with a guest that we have said, “We must do a follow up to this conversation.” Well today is the very first time we were able to schedule such a follow up in back-to-back weeks.

Our guest from last week, Jim Kyles, author of the popular book, Unstuck and Unstoppable, has graciously agreed to be with us once again.

Last week we focused so much or our podcast time to dealing with the first notion in his book which is all about how to become Unstuck in various situations in life. Today we want to tackle the second idea of Jimn’s book which is How to Become Unstoppable.

Jimn will articulate a process he has designed for what to do as Next Steps toward for entering the realm of Unstoppable.

Let’s welcome once again author, entrepreneur, and church pastor, Jimn Kyles.


You can learn more about Jimn Kyles at www.jimnkyles.com

Check out Jimn’s latest book: Unstuck and Unstoppable


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