#258 Roger Smith: From Rock Bottom to Rock Star CEO

November 10, 2022 by Trista Dedmon − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

We all love the stories of gritty and tenacious people that go “from breadlines to headlines.” That is the story of our special guest today, Roger Smith.

From ages 15 to 35, in the world of work, Roger was a very high functioning drug addict. However, eventually he discovered that although “The Wolf of Wall Street” lifestyle was good for a while, it inevitably became unsustainable, and he found himself at rock bottom thinking about taking his life.

Today, Roger Smith has become for many of us that “light at the end of the tunnel.” There is hope for the lost, the self-destructive, the addict, and the homeless. Roger’s life demonstrates what a person can do with a vision, compiled productivity, and an unwavering commitment to caring about the people he works with and the ones that work for him.

As it turns out, Roger and I have many things in common and I can’t wait to chat for a while about how he went from Rock Bottom to Rock Star CEO.

With that, let’s bring Roger on the show.


Check out Roger’s latest book The Most Unlikely Leader

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