Living in Alignment with Your Intentions

September 16, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

Live each day in alignment with your intentions. Loosely quoting Brendon Burchard from Success Live Conference

Whew. I just finished the first day of my first motivational conference. Although there was lots of great information the hoopla drove me nuts. I will not jump up and down waving my hands, screaming absurd little motivational quotes. Still, although I did refuse to play the jumping games I did glean a lot of good ideas about life and work.

Your Life’s Intentions

I like the implication Brendon Burchard made about aligning your life with your predetermined intentions. Now that, of course, assumes that you do have sone intentions in your life. I’ve written about this a lot. What excites you and what do you love to do? And, I might add, to whom do you give your time and money?

As you know I have three categories of intentions in addition to taking care of my family: Learning (satisfying my insatiable curiosity by reading, museums, and travel), creating and giving. These serve as guidelines to which I align the vast majority of my activities. Lately “giving” has taken precedence with my new Ugandan commitments.

You most certainly have some critically important intentions in life regarding family, work, charity, and fun. Have you ever taken time to ponder precisely what some of those may be? If not, then please take some time and write them down. Make your life intentions clear to yourself.

Creating Your Legacy

Currently I am considering the importance of leaving a legacy consisting of giving love and charity and hope. How might your life be any better if you approached your life on purpose instead of randomly accepting whatever comes your way day after day? I guarantee your life would double in pleasure if you were to be the person you are DNA’d to be.

My friend Terry was a very popular speaker and writer in Orange County, CA when he decided to honor his intention of living a more satisfying and meaningful life on a little island in the Peugeot Sound. It took courage and boldness to make that move yet he aligned his life with his deeply motivated intention of owning acres of garden space, growing his own food, simplifying his life, and removing himself from the rat race.

He still writes and speaks and builds gardens, but he has his personal sanctuary to rest his weary soul. He truly lives his life in alignment with his intentions. He knows what he loves to do and is dedicated to spending his time on those desires.

And you? Are you aligned with your intentions? Have you identified your intentions? If so, have you established some sort of system to ensure you have aligned actions to satisfy your heart’s desire?

The World Needs You

You need the world and the world needs you. You will never be totally satisfied until you make it a habit to give part of yourself to the vast needs of the poor and disenfranchised. For example, as most of you already know, I build water wells in rural Uganda—both through funding and volunteering. My life will never be the same. It obviously fits well in all of my three life intentions of learning, creating, and giving.

Let me conclude with a few ideas:

  1. Create at 2-4 high level “life intentions,” e.g. learning, creating, and giving.
  2. List at least 3 activities that you can Do to fulfill those intentions.
  3. Align your life with those intentions. In other words, PLAN to actually do them.
  4. And if you do the three above, write me and let me know how much richer your life has become. I really want to hear.

Whatever You Do

Do It Intentionally!

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2 thoughts on “Living in Alignment with Your Intentions”

  1. An action plan for abundance and joy.
    I’ve seen Charlie open his heart like a Monarch Butterly opens its majestic wings. It’s not easy to put than into words but when a man acutely aware of his mortality spends his birthday serving others you should not stray from his path least you miss some sage words of wisdom.
    Great ? blog.
    Nick Jordan

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