#233 Charlie: Everyone Has a Next Chapter

March 29, 2022 by Trista Dedmon − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Just recently we did a show with Terry Hershey on Creating Inner Space for Change. The idea was that in order for meaningful life change to occur, you must first “declutter” your mind and your activities. I believe it is show #231, so listeners might want to check that one out because today I plan to talk more about what “Life Change” might look like.

What does it mean to live with meaning, adventure, and awe? Although, it’s the theme of our web presence and yet I am not sure I have ever addressed the subject on a podcast. Well, today is the day.

As an Executive Life Coach, I work with highly successful individuals who are planning for greater meaning in their life either through their career or by means of a meaningful retirement. So, I “live” these ideas. And as a lover of a life of meaning, adventure, and awe my inner core drives me to pursue the process of greater and greater alignment with my core self.

In our time today I plan to talk around three issues: the Drivers, Restraints, and Processes for to Life Change. In other words… how can we enter our Next Chapter because, like it or not, every day is a new chapter and it is up to you to determine the content of that chapter. You “get to” determine the content of your life.

For the free character assessment tool just click the link below…

VIA Character Strengths – Free Character Assessment Test

For more information on Your Next Chapter you can visit Charlie’s website at www.thenextchapter.live


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