#231 Terry Hershey: Creating Space for Something New

March 15, 2022 by Charlie Hedges − 1 Comments

Show Notes 

Okay, truthfully… today is a show I very much look forward to hosting. It is yet another episode with my dear friend Terry Hershey. Now typically, Terry and I have some rather challenging philosophical issue to discuss and it’s always a blast to do that kind of show.

But today will be a bit different. It’s a hybrid… maybe.  I anticipate a sort of potpourri of catching up on stuff we haven’t talked about for a while. First of all, as of 2 hours ago, baseball is back… and my son has a job again. Next, Terry just spent the morning watching birds… or something like that. So we will chat about our lives and things that really matter.

Before that however, I read a quote this morning by poet David Whyte that has me thinking deeply and I am most interested in Terry’s take on it.

The poet Whyte wrote, “In life we are in the difficult act of disappearing, often against our wills, in order to make way for something we cannot yet comprehend… perhaps the ultimate form of human generosity is that of giving ourselves away to see how and in what form we are given back.”

In other words, “You gotta lose something in order to get something new.”

Just a note. In just a few days Terry will be at the Religious Ed Congress in Anaheim, CA. This coming Saturday March 19, he is giving a speech in the Arena. His speaking time begins at 10:00 AM. You can go to www.terryhershey.com

Terry is bringing 3 brand new books. And, be sure to say Hi, because I am part of the sales force. And I always cheat and give the best deals. Haha

Okay, Okay. I was wrong. I cannot put the Character Strengths Assessment online. It requires a special invite.

So, so sorry!

Check out this episode!

One thought on “#231 Terry Hershey: Creating Space for Something New”

  1. I’m enjoying this thought of disappearing and awaiting the result… on a daily basis many of us give something away….. I watch myself freely giving positive affirmations away, often rather I discriminately, with an intriguing result. I get them back ten fold…. Giving away of self ….disappearing only to reappear in another way….❤️❤️

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