#230 Dr Tiffanie Tate Moore: Resilience-Make Tomorrow a Better Day

March 8, 2022 by Trista Dedmon − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Our guest today, Dr Tiffanie Tate Moore, is the poster child for resilience. Raised by an Aunt, in Compton CA, because both her parents were strongly addicted to drugs and alcohol. Dr Tiffany grew up to be valedictorian, an OBG/YN Surgeon, a medical Officer in the United States Navy, and having a successful medical practice in riverside, CA.

All pretty impressive, huh? But that does not take into account that she was abused in early childhood, was shot in her back in a drive-by shooting, and had to quit medical practice at the age of 44 because of a hand injury that prevented her from practicing surgery.

After depression and feelings of uselessness, Dr Tiffanie once again discovered her innate and learned resilience to overcome these challenges to become a woman of great value to her society and to herself.

I can’t wait to learn from Dr Tiffanie Moore just what it takes to overcome horrific life changes to become a person of value, service, honor, a commitment to a life serving God.

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You can click the link to find her book, Flowe Try

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