#224 Peter Schwartz: Examining the Code of Self-Sacrifice

January 25, 2022 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Today we’re about to go down deep and stay down long into the subject: Is it morally good to focus primarily on your own personal happiness?

Author Peter Schwartz says… “From childhood, we’re taught that helping others is the essence of morality. And most people take this code of ethics for granted. They don’t challenge that premise.”

Peter Schwartz does challenge that premise.

In his book, The Tyranny of Need, Peter Schwartz explains why he believes that people do not fully understand what altruism calls for. In his view, it shows that what altruism really demands is not that you simply respect the rights of others or that you display benevolence toward them. Rather, altruism demands that you subordinate yourself to other’s needs.

Now… Peter presents a moral alternative to the code of altruism: and that is, rational self-interest. He explains that genuine selfishness is not exemplified by the actions of the likes of a Bernie Madoff. Schwartz argues—the truly selfish individual is committed to moral principles. He lives an honest, productive, and self-respecting life.

His book, The Tyranny of Need, shows you how to uphold your moral right to the pursuit of your own happiness.

Just a bit on Peter…

PETER SCHWARTZ is a retired Chairman of the Board of the Ayn Rand Institute—the pre-eminent organization for the dissemination of Ayn Rand’s ideas—and he is now a Distinguished Fellow there.


As you might imagine, in this episode of the Next Chapter with Charlie, Peter and I engage in quite meaningful discussion of this oh-so controversial topic.

With that, let’s welcome Peter Schwartz to the show.


For more visit Peter Schwartz at www.Petershwartz.com

Check out Peter’s book: The Tyranny of Need


Check out this episode!

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