#222 Nick Jordan: The True Value of Life… Thoughts from Impending Death

January 11, 2022 by Trista Dedmon − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Today is an unusually important show. My friend and CEO of Wells of Life, Nick Jordan, spent all of 2021 battling with Stage 4 colon and lung cancer. The odds of survival were not good. But let’s come to the end of the story right away.

After 2 surgeries, 4 months of chemotherapy, 75 radiation treatments, 2 days of fasting before every chemo session, and a bout with Shingles he was declared cancer free in late December 2021.

During the months of chemotherapy, radiation, and times of surgery, Nick had only his faith, his family, and his friends to lean on. And truthfully, all three were desperately needed because the reality of impending death makes you realize the shortness of life, therefore forcing you to re-evaluate everything you do and believe.

In Psalm 90, Moses writes, “Lord, teach us how short our lives really are so that we may be wise.” We have much to learn from someone who has been close to death.

Today, let’s discover the value of life from the perspective of very recent cancer survivor.

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You can find the Caring Bridge website by clicking here: Caring Bridge

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