#218 Shasheen Shah: Winning the Inner Game

December 8, 2021 by Trista Dedmon − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

In his brilliant book on managing your innermost self, our guest today, Shasheen Shah, speaks of recurring emotional triggers, ones that have haunted some of us for decades. In dealing with his own emotional triggers Shasheen writes, “… I discovered that although I was forty, I was reacting as my ten-year-old self.”

And that is our critical topic for today: How to manage the needy and screaming inner child who can still impact even the most successful people. In the last couple of years, I have discovered that managing my innermost child is a most essential task.

This subject is the sweet spot of our special guest today. Shasheen Shah is Founder of Coherent Strategies. He works with high achieving leaders, CEOs, and maverick entrepreneurs. He is also author of the new and very important book, “The Kid and the King.” Today will be special. I promise.

For more on Shasheen Shah go to www.shasheen.com

For Shasheen’s newest book visit The Kid and the King


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