#21 Melanie and Rob: A Modern European’s Idea of Meaning in Life

February 7, 2017 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

My guests today are Melanie and Rob currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Rob is an Australian Scot and Melanie calls the UK and Australia home. For the last 4 plus years, they have made a new home in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, Rob’s headquarters are in Iceland.

Yes, you can say Rob and Melanie have truly turned the page on their lives to a radically new Next Chapter.

I chat a bit with Melanie and Rob about how they have managed and adjusted to the radical life change of moving to a totally foreign country (Sweden from the UK), working headquarters in another country (Iceland), and transitioning life with blended families and a child of their own.

We also chat about how Americans are perceived, in general, by Europeans and what they think of our new president, Donald Trump

Melanie’s Airbnb in Stockholm, Sweden (listed under the name, Louise)



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