#208 Nese Dolan and Charlie: Broken, Mended and Better Than New

September 14, 2021 by Trista Dedmon − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Our show today is a fun experiment. I have invited Nese Dolan, Director of Communications at Wells of Life and active law student to be on her very first podcast, not as a guest but as host!

Yes. I couple months ago Nese interviewed me for an Onboarding Project for her new job. Her interview was outstanding. I told her she could be the host of a podcast, and then… well… then I offered her an opportunity to host our show today.

On this episode, Nese and I will talk about the beauty of brokenness. Using the Japanese cultural models of “wabi sabi” and “kintsugi” we delve into the idea of how displaying brokenness can be a measure of strength and experience.

Please enjoy and Nese Dolan leads me on a journey of discovery.


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