#206 Teresa McQueen: A Litigator’s View on Civility in the Courtroom and in Life

August 31, 2021 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

I believe we covered very fresh ground today on this entertaining and informative show with Labor law attorney Teresa McQueen. What Teresa learned early in life as a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas she has used to transform her hugely successful law practice. Now she even spreads her intelligent and ever-so insightful wisdom as podcast host of Workplace Perspective.

Our show begins with Teresa describing her professional journey, and in doing so, she reveals one key idea that may be the secret to her success and to yours as well. That is, Civility—an infrequently used word for just being nice!

Teresa has discovered measurably good results in the courtroom and business and in life in general, simply by relying on a habit of respect for the needs and positions of other people—even the attorney sitting across the aisle.

How does that message apply to you and me? Listen to this lively and informative conversation with attorney, Teresa McQueen.

For more on Teresa McQueen visit her website at Workplace Perspective

You can get in touch with Teresa at tmcqueen@workplaceperspective.com


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