#205 Andy Robin: The Tapas Life

August 24, 2021 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

“You could be retired for decades — so you might as well get good at it!”

Our guest today, Andy Robin, truly “loves what he writes.” In his recent book, The Tapas Life, Andy articulates fresh ideas about living a delicious life—one with all the tastiness of a Tapas meal. And for those of us not familiar with the Spanish idea of “Tapas” just think of a meal consisting only of several appealing appetizers with no “main course.”

On this show, Andy will share how a life of what he refers to as “prototyping vs creating a Grand Plan” and then provides generous wisdom for those in retirement, but also for those smack dab in the center of today’s busy and demanding world of work.

Andy Robin is a man of deep and provocative wisdom about how to live with vigor and vitality.

Please enjoy my conversation as we share a taste of a Tapas Meal.

You can visit Andy at www.tapaslife.com 

Please check out Andy’s informative and delightful book: The Tapas Life.


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