#197 Kamin Samuel: Reinventing Your Life Post COVID

June 22, 2021 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show NotesĀ 

As Covid 19 restrictions begin to shrink (at least in California in June of 2021), let’s prepare ourselves for an onslaught of “Post Covid Therapies.” Well, today’s conversation with Personal Business and Life Coach, Kamin Samuel, jumps right into the heart of that conversation.

Our topic for the day is “Reinventing Your Life Post Covid.”

Kamin and I will discuss the idea that “reinventing your life” is more about reprioritizing than it is about major changes. Of the many insights Kamin brings to us, we discuss three excellent questions that Kamin posed to me concerning what I may have learned about my work and my life during Covid: (1) Did I love my work? (2) Was it meaningful? And (3) Did I begin to feel that I am built for something more in alignment with my talents and desires, not to mention in alignment with my soul.

Once again, Kamin is brilliant and sets us off to a great start at Reinventing Ourselves Post Covid.

For more information about Kamin go to www.KaminSamuel.com

You can contact Kamin with questions at kamin@kaminsamuel.com

For more with Charlie Hedges please visit www.thenextchapter.life

We also discussed Free Wealth Resources information at www.WealthFlightSchool.com


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