#187 Dr Jacqueline DuPont: Ageism and the Modern Family

April 13, 2021 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

We have a very important social issue in our culture today that receives little press, or… really… any kind of attention… Except to those in the middle of it: Care for our Aging population. Especially those with that require medical, professional or just more regular personal attention.

On today’s show we have gerontologist and dedicated advocate of society’s disenfranchised, Dr Jacque DuPont. Jacque is so uniquely gifted. She demonstrates that rare combination of superior intelligence with an overwhelming heart of compassion.

On this episode of the Next Chapter with Charlie Jacque guides me through the critical issues of dementia and other disabilities common to people in the closing chapters of aging. And she offers insights into how adult children can manage these issues.

The first thing, Jacque suggests, is to find it in our hearts to recognize both the humanity and the dignity that all human beings deserve.

Our podcast today is one of the most insightful shows we have ever done.

For more on Jacque Dupont

Chairperson of the Board Illumination Foundation

Board member Wells of Life

Board member Alzheimer’s Orange County

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