#169 Dr. Donna Friess: The Surprising Value of Nostalgia

October 27, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Today’s show takes us on a journey down that “road less traveled.” Today we will learn about the value of life from the insights of author and professor, Dr. Donna Friess. Donna will talk to us about the value of nostalgia, overcoming childhood tragedy, and her fervent belief, that in spite of anything, happiness is a choice.

My colleague Barbara Kimler, a publicist and consultant, recommended that I read Donna’s latest book “Growing Up Venice” and then perhaps interview her on the show. After reading her book I quickly concluded that I must chat with Donna Friess on The Next Chapter with Charlie.

Donna’s book not only highlights the fascinating growth and evolution of Venice CA, it also captured me with a renewed sense of the value of nostalgia—something we seem to have dismissed in a culture so full of itself in the Present and the Future. And when we do speak of the past it is most always in the negative. Donna Friess offers a refreshing perspective on this.

Dr. Donna Friess is the author of at least 10 books, a retired college professor, an historian, and a most avid learner. Her book Cry the Darkness, which we will discuss, has been translated into 7 languages.


For more on Dr. Donna Friess check out her insightful and popular books:

Growing Up Venice: Parallel Universes

Cry the Darkness: One Woman’s Triumph Over the Tragedy of Incest


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