#166 Nate Johnson: The Adventure Called Life

October 6, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes

I think today’s show will be fun. I plan to talk about “The Adventure Called Life” because that is how our special guest today lives his life… as an ongoing adventure.

As a personal development coach, Nate Johnson genuinely “lives” life. Check it out. He is an American city guy turned white water rafting guide in New Zealand, a rancher the Australian outback, Manager at Inc. Magazine, and an SEO business executive. I think he was also in the carnival business… we’ll see.

I am truly excited to have Nate Johnson on the show today. In spite of the more than 30-year difference in our age, Nate and I are indeed kindred spirits that believe “life is for living, not watching.”

Nate is a Mindset & Personal Development Coach. He is the Co-Author of the book, The Successful Mind, a speaker, adventurer, and a self-proclaimed… I love this… the “Imperfect stoic”. To which I want to ask, is there any other kind of stoic?

His primary goal is to help clients, “live, not merely exist”.

Visit Nate Johnson at linkedin.com/in/nate-johnson or at his website: https://natejohnson.coach

Or, you can email Nate at nate@natejohnson.coach


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