#165 Linda Olsen: Powerful Secrets for Telling Your Own Story

September 29, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Today we are honored to once again have a recent guest who was on the show only a couple weeks ago. In our previous show Linda Olsen and I focused on the “value of creating a personal story.” But according to listeners, we neglected to explain the tactics or procedures of actually creating Your Own Story.

Today Linda and I will dedicate the majority of our time together with an emphasis on discovering precisely what the listener can do to create a compelling story.

Our guest and friend today, Linda Olsen, is a highly accomplished expert at helping others master their own story and then teaching them how to tell that story to other people. The primary focus of her business is all about storytelling.

Just a bit about our guest today. Linda Olsen is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker and Founder of Wealth Through Stories. As former college dean, and marriage and family therapist Linda brings us deep knowledge of personal transformation through telling your own story.

In her book, Your Story Matters Linda offers a step-by-step process how can and why you should create your own true story—one than reveals a very personal and informing light for the world.


Linda has graciously offered a FREE PDF of her book Your Story Matters. Just click the link to receive your copy of the masterful book.

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