#159 Dena Crowder-Us vs. Isms: When to Be The Point of Love

July 14, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show NotesĀ 

IMPT NOTE: I have concluded that this episode (as well as #158 with Terry Hershey last week) are certainly among all-time my favorites. This show seemed to start a bit slow, but once we hit stride Dena Crowder was brilliant! I hope this show impacts you the way it impacted me.

In late June of 2020 I was fortunate to be part of a zoom gathering of more than a dozen people guided by my life coach, Dena Crowder. Dena took the time to organize this gathering of mixed races and mixed genders. The purpose? To discuss and inform (not debate) current events in an attempt to genuinely understand our differences, but even more important, to reflect on our similarities.

As a woman of color, Dena has personally experienced so many things that are anathema to your average white male. Still, Dena continues to respect all people and it showed in our deeply moving ZOOM discussion.

Dena suggests there is only one value that counts: And that is LOVE.

She writes, “If you are serious about transforming yourself or this experiment we call the American Republic, you must step into the fray with the full armor of Love.

Dena’s thoughts are so helpful in comprehending and dealing with the struggles and the chaos of our current times of July 2020.

Before we begin with Dena I’d like to make a statement. As a white American male, I have to begin this conversation with an admission: There is so much about our cultural divide of racism and bigotry and white privilege that I simply do not know or am not aware of. But, I am here to learn.

You can reach Dena at www.denacrowder.com

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