#145 Terry Hershey: The Life-Giving Role of Pause and Connectivity

March 31, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Truth is, the original podcast today lost good audio connection in taping, and could not be published today. I hope to publish another version next week.

So, instead of failing to post a podcast, Producer Paul, Terry Hershey and I did a 30 minute unprepared and unedited show on some interesting ideas of coping with the quarantine on “renaming” the situation we find ourselves in—one of opposites: the need for solitude in a crowded home and the need for a supportive and dependable community to depend on in these kind of circumstance.

No prepared questions with just a little prepared content direction, mostly just a conversation of three guys discussing probably the most awkward time of our entire lives.

Of all three ideas we concluded with please experiment with Terry’s free e-course on The Power of Pause that can help you adapt to these trying times. And allow a moment for your souls to catch up to these crazy times.

Visit Terry at www.terryhershey.com . Under the tab on e-courses you will find the free E-Course: The Power of Pause.

For more with Charlie Hedges please visit www.thenextchapter.life


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