#138 Dr. John Bash: The Healing Power of Suffering

January 22, 2020 by Charlie Hedges − 2 Comments

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Paul, today’s subject is not a light one. In fact, it may be one of the most troubling subjects I have discussed on the show after more than 130 episodes. Today is about very deep human pain and suffering, AND the potential learnings that can result, if one chooses to take that path.

Although we may love learning about life and our deepest inner selves… the path there is often most unpleasant.

David Whyte alludes to the power of suffering when he writes, “Suffering is as inescapable and inevitable as breathing…” If suffering is inescapable and inevitable, it might be asking us… to see suffering as our constant and instructive companion…” “Suffering asks us not to look for an alternative path, because there is no alternative path.”

Now… none of this eludes the pain and despair of suffering. It is not something to anticipate with glee. It sucks. Yet if suffering is inescapable, we are asked not only to expect it and learn from it, but also to actually embrace it as our unwanted “instructive companion.”

My very special guest today, Dr. John Bash, is most accustomed to suffering as well as the deep learning that comes from it. As a successful minister and church planter, In John’s resume I read… “John’s heart for leaders is a natural outgrowth of a life spent watching God turn pain and tragedy into comfort and healing.

His planting churches spread from East Coast to West with one church in Chicago; John’s unlikely story was always highlighted by what he calls “Two Sides”. John Writes, “Often it is in the secret vulnerable pain and embarrassment behind our stories that we find the deeper truth – grace is more than a concept.” John’s story has given him a passion for those affected by abuse, addictions, tragedy, and pain.

So, let’s bring on John and benefit enormously from his life and teachings.”

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2 thoughts on “#138 Dr. John Bash: The Healing Power of Suffering”

  1. I LOVED your interview with Dr. John Bash! You guys had a very creative energy with each other, and the subject (suffering and it’s redeeming qualities!) was most interesting. I couldn’t believe the story about his son’s terrible accident/paralysis, and how it had affected him. Very inspiring! Your probing questions really opened things up! Thank you!

    1. Wow. Thank you Richard. I agree. John has a fascinating story. And… he has used that experience for personal growth. John is a fine man!

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