#132 Fr Rob Advent Week 1: Darkness to Light

November 26, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 4 Comments

Show Notes 

People will often ask me, “What is your podcast about?” I usually say something like, “Well… it’s all about how you might take on the next chapter to your life, whatever that may be.” I then laugh and say, “Truthfully, the show really is all about whatever I feel like discussing with a given guest.”

And today is no exception. Today I will begin a 4-week series on the most exciting subject of Advent, all recorded during the Advent season of 2019. Now I now advent is not top of mind for anyone, save clergy and I am not even convinced of that. But I hope you find this series to be interesting, informing and, most of all, important to you personally. It is to me!

Advent is a season celebrated during the month of December mostly by liturgical churches such as Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian. Funny thing though: many, if not most, church attenders have little (or no) idea of what Advent is all about except for the lighting of 4 candles—one each week of Advent, ending on Christmas week.

I’m sure many of you are asking, “How in the world can I listen to four sessions on Advent?” Well, we’ll have to see how it goes but the plan sounds really good as we will talk about how the coming of Jesus, the Christ, has impacted our world for more than 2,000 years.

For this series I coerced my dear friend Fr Robert Edwards to do 4 shows with me, in one of the busiest seasons on the church calendar. Fr Robert Edwards is the Rector (or lead minister) of St Margaret’s Episcopal Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA—which is my home church.

With all that, let’s jump right into our show and see what comes up

You can reach Fr Rob at robert.edwards@stmarg.org

You can get more information and regular updates from Charlie at thenextchapter.life

Check out this episode!

4 thoughts on “#132 Fr Rob Advent Week 1: Darkness to Light”

  1. Think I am going to enjoy your series on Advent with Father Rob. As you know I am a cradle Catholic and Advent has always been a special time especially as an adult. I liked the concept of darkness, the coming, preparing. Advent for me has been about preparing your spirit for Christ’s rebirth in your life (every year it is amazing)! and Lent being about the sacrifice, the change we need to allow Christ’s rebirth within us grow to best serve his will! Also, check out Matthew Kelley’s, Dynamic Catholic, Advent series. HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND ADVENT!! JOE

  2. I completely agree that there is no other person I’d rather talk to about the Advent (or anything biblical for that matter) than Father Rob. He really is a good man and it’s such a pleasure to listen to this podcast. Thanks for doing this! (I’ve been traveling and am now playing the catch up game on Advent! :-)…)

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