#131 Terry Hershey: This Is the Life

November 19, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

Guess what? Our good friend Terry Hershey has a new book titled “This Is the Life.” I just received a copy a couple days ago and have read through it. It is really good. I think the subtitle explains much about the content: The full title reads, “This Is the Life: Mindfulness, Finding Grace and the Power of the Present Moment.”

I know much has been written on mindfulness and living in the present, but Terry indeed offers a fresh perspective on the subject. For me, it is NOT so much a “how to” book and is it a “why to” book. I found the book a most refreshing read attempting to restore us from our frenetic, hectic and chaotic daily lives.

It is filled with stories, anecdotes, and references to masters, especially in the spiritual world. And by spiritual I am not talking about religion but about otherworldliness. Personally I a much attracted to the notion of finding grace in the power of the present moment.

But most of us that reside in cities and suburbs are inundated with a driving need to accomplish, “to add value, “to be forward thinking, and then, unfortunately, to raise our children to follow the same lifestyle.

But I am giving away too much of our content for discussion today. For those few listeners that are not familiar with Terry Hershey he is a most popular public speaker—in fact I consider Terry to be one the most enjoyable and impactful pubic speakers I have ever heard. He is also, obviously, an author of more than a dozen books, and landscape architect and probably most importantly a gardener (of a 2 acre garden) in which he cares for diligently and with great grace and devotion.

For more information on Terry Hershey you can visit www.terryhershey.com

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