#119 Tom: 12 Steps for Better Living

July 30, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes  

I have wanted to discuss the subject of the 12 Steps for Life for several months now. I just had not found the expert I needed to guide me through a better understanding of the process.

My guest to day is my old, old friend Tom who has been working with the 12 Steps for more than 17 years. Although retired, Tom continues to serve at the Covenant Hills Recovery Center, which focuses on the biological, psychological, social and spiritual conditions of their patients.

Tom has worked with hundreds of people with some kind of addiction, teaching and implementing the 12 Steps. As a recovering alcoholic myself I have always been impressed by the power of the 12 Steps and I have frequently pondered the idea of how the Steps would be of immense value to the general population at large—not merely those suffering from some sort of substance abuse.

Tommy is my guy. He is the one that can lead a discussion on this intriguing and essential subject.

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