#110 Wendy Newman: 121 First Dates

May 1, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

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My special guest today is Wendy Newman who has been involved in the study of dating and relationships for a couple of decades. She has written a really good book on the subject titled 121 First Dates. Yikes! Yes, Wendy went on 120 first dates before she found the man with whom she can share an awesome life.

Wendy Newman is a media-celebrated author, speaker, and a dating, sex and relationship expert who’s led hundreds of workshops, and has helped over 50,000 women internationally. She helps women to understand men, dating, sex, and partnership of all kinds.

Since 2002, Wendy has interviewed thousands of men on relationships, love, dating, sex, and the opposite sex. She’s conducted polls, had one-on-one discussions, and hosted over hundred male speaker panels for these topics.

Wendy is a compassionate fellow dater who navigated her way through 120 first dates before meeting her partner, Dave, lucky #121. They live in San Francisco.

Her book, 121 First Dates is a really fun and ultra informing read. It is part juicy tell-all and part anti-rules dating guide. It’s been optioned for a Hollywood film.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get to now Wendy Newman and her expert insights into dating and what women and men need to know about each other, before, during and after dating.

Wendy Newman welcome to The Next Chapter with Charlie. The first thing I want to tell everyone is that your book is quite simply a very fine read. You are an excellent writer and your content is just so comprehensive. I can’t wait to chat about it.

You discover more about Wendy Newman at wendyspeaks.com

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