#11 Molli Ezio: Family-Driven Life Changes

October 23, 2016 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Our conversation today is with Molli Ezio, who goes by Ezio. Ezio is co-owner of one of the most famous restaurants in Northern Italy named La Darsena. Located in Lake Como, it is about as far north as you can get in Italy. The setting here is enchanting?a lake surrounded by dozens of magnificent little breathtaking Italian villages. In fact, George Clooney, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg all own villas here.

Molli Ezio, has led an industrious life, owning 6 hotels and restaurants in Lake Como only to realize that a 16 hour work-day didn’t allow him to be the kind of father he wanted to be to his children. So he eventually downsized to just one restaurant and hotel, La Darsena in Tremezzo, Lake Como.

In this interview Charlie and Ezio talk about the importance of family from a personal Italian point of view. And then we discuss the constant seasonal changes required to operate a world-class restaurant.

Please note that English is Ezio’s second language. Sometimes communication between the two becomes an adventure in translation. All the more fun!

You can reach Ezio at:

Email: info@hotelladarsena.it

Website: www.hotelladarsena.it

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