#105 Sanford Coggins: The Disappearing Value of Honor

March 28, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show NotesĀ 

My guest today is Sanford Coggins, Founder and CEO of VisionWise Capital, a company focused on providing private investors access to commercial real estate opportunities. VisionWise Capital controls $70M of real estate assets since its start-up in 2013.

Check out some of Sanford’s impressive credentials:

Sanford has a unique background as a Commercial Real Estate Broker/Principal, with 25 years as a Wealth Advisor. He worked for 16 years as Vice President, Wealth Management Advisory at Merrill Lynch, where he managed over $100M in client assets.

Sanford earned Merrill Lynch’s Lifetime Achievement Award for leadership and excellence.

But today, oddly enough, we are not going to talk about investing. Instead I want to chat with Sanford about the nearly forgotten value of honor. Character values, such as honor, seem to have been replaced by a new version of “Success” which is rooted primarily in financial attributes.

Sanford is a man with a strong personal code of honor, which guides his mental, and physical behavior daily. As a man committed to the biblical text, he tries to maintain those principles regularly.

So let’s bring on Sanford Coggins to chat with us about the disappearing value of honor.


Find out more about Sanford at sanford@visionwisecapital.com


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