Feeding the Beast

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Our ego was never meant to die, only to be tamed so that its wild energies could be put to better use.” David Richo

Let’s begin today with a familiar story…
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#164 Kamin Samuel: Discover Your Zone of Genius

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Show Notes 

Hey Paul. I am especially interested in our show today, as we will discuss, at least in part, how each of us contains a Zone of Genius hungering to make an impact. This show if filled with insight and tangible steps to becoming the kind of person you really want to be.

Kamin Samuel is one of my most respected people. Her intelligence and wisdom are worthy of paying heed.

Her official bio reads: Kamin Samuel is an International Rapid Transformation Business Coach, author and speaker. She has the distinction of being the U.S. Navy’s first female African-American helicopter pilot.

She has a background in information technology, web development and online merchandising and served as the Vice President of Global Website Operations at a billion-dollar company. Kamin specializes in transforming stuck beliefs and behaviors to accelerate growth and high performance.

I’m so impressed with Kamin that I have set a date for personal coaching regarding my future at 71 years old—yes 71, by birthday was yesterday.

So without further introduction, let’s bring author, speaker, Business and Persona coach Kamin Samuel on the show.


For coaching with Kamin Samuel you can contact her at www.KaminSamuel.com

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Fearless Love: Makes You Cross the Border

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“In your heart the choice was clear / You didn’t join the other side / The battle lines just disappeared.” From “Fearless Love” by David Wilcox

In the raucous and polarizing dialogue of our day it has become all too easy to categorize and therefore assign value. Many readers find themselves avid supporters of neither Trump nor Biden, but most certainly feel some responsibility to maintain affection for left or right.
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#163 Terry Hershey: Nourishing Your Soul

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Show Notes 

Last week I watched a video of singer/songwriter and philanthropist Jewel. Among several of her captivating ideas Jewel concluded the most important thing she can do in her mid-forties is to concentrate her primary goal as the nourishment of her soul.

In today’s show I’d like to feature our good friend Terry Hershey, author 17 books, acclaimed public ZOOM speaker now, teacher, and minister of grace and human dignity.

Terry is the perfect person to discuss today’s essential topic about how we can provide Nourishment to our Soul.

Visit Terry at www.terryhershey.com .

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Planting… WAITING… Sowing

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Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Several years ago, an executive client requested that I give him feedback on a handful of his public speeches. A quite adept speaker, I told him after one speech that his delivery was sharp and clear, and the only thing I thought needed help was his “close”—the way he finished his speech.

Now, since my feedback was given verbally he thought I meant the only thing he needed to work on was his “clothes”—his attire! You can image his bewilderment, especially since he was quite a good dresser.

Waiting for the Ripening

On a personal note: One thing I am not is a “closer.” I can’t really close a deal. Oh, I can set it up in preparation for the closer. But closing… that’s not my deal. I’m like a quarterback that can get you to the Red Zone, and then you’ll need to bring on another QB to get you in the end zone.

As I ponder this subject, it seems to me that much of our lives is all about waiting; waiting for the close to occur. It takes time to plant, to grow, and to ripen an opportunity before it is ready to be “reaped.” Gardening requires patience and rhythms.

Although it might be painful in our less-than-patient culture, waiting is a natural part of life’s growth process of sowing and reaping harvests.

The Yield May Be a Lifetime Away

One thing I have learned in Covid Quasi Quarantine is how to wait more patiently. I have been forced to delay gratification. I plant and I water. I nurture what I have planted and wait for an unknown time of harvest, during which time I reserve enough seed to begin the planting process all over again.

A counselor once told me that the difference I might make on the world might actually come into realization through the efforts of my son. And that, perhaps, my job was to build and nurture him to be a confident, kind, and measured man that thinks of others as much as he does for himself.

And so, I may never see the difference I made because it may not occur in my lifetime. Ah, but still… waiting holds a certain charm, confident that the result is in better hands than mine.

Let the Planting Begin

And the Patience Continue

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