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Your Greatest Freedom: Choice

July 13, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“The only thing they can’t take away from me is my freedom to make choices.” Elie Wiesel

Stuck! How often do you feel stuck by your situation in life? You know, the times it feels like some controlling influence may be stuffing you into a box, convinced that is where you belong, whether you approve or not. And then how often are you your own worst enemy allowing fear of change to influence your decision to stay put in an unpleasant, disrupting or even dangerous position?
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#116 Terry Hershey: Fear, Anxiety and Ego

July 9, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes  

In our show today we are privileged to have our regular insightful guest Terry Hershey: prolific author, renowned public speaker, landscape architect, an mentor to several people on the Art of Slowing Down to take in the pleasure of life.

Today’s topic affects every single listener and is perhaps the systemic root of most of our personal limitations. I want to talk about our daily experience of FEAR, and how it impacts the choices we make.

In addition to bringing on severe anxiety, fear is also the source of low self-esteem, anger, resistance to new ideas, reluctance to experiment, and a general acceptance of the status quo.

I am coming to believe that Fear is one of the most influential psychological determinates of how we feel and behave.

So let’s get into it with Terry Hershey.

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What’s the Purpose of Having a Purpose?

July 6, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.” Gary Hamel

Oh, how much time I have consumed pondering the purpose of my life! It seems I am not the only one given the, probably, multi-thousands of books written on the subject.
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Irreligious Sacraments

June 29, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

A SACRAMENT is when something holy happens. It is transparent time, time you can see through to something deep inside time. Frederick Buechner


I believe in special moments in which we are transported from this world to the next. These are the flashes of time in which we get to experience what I (and others) call “the holy.” And most of the time these moments come as a surprise because they are most usually ordinary and quite common. I refer to these moments as sacraments.
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#115 Mark Samuel: The Power of Personal Accountability

June 18, 2019 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

[PLEASE NOTE: The quality of sound on my guest’s phone is not so good when played on a phone, but I encourage you to listen anyway. This is most certainly one of my best shows. We’ll do another with Mark in studio.)

My guest, Mark Samuel, is CEO of IMPAQ Consulting and has been recognized as one of today’s leading Thought Leaders on the Power of Personal and Corporate Accountability. Our entire conversation today will be about the unparalleled advantages of taking accountability seriously.

Now I can guess what you are thinking: Accountability, Ugh!! I’m outta here. But hang in, this conversation with Mark Samuel will be extremely valuable.

Mark and I go back 30 years to the beginnings of my days as a corporate consultant. Mark was my teacher, mentor and friend as I began my trek as a corporate consultant. I have probably learned more from Mark than anyone else about how to manage corporate and personal relationships. He taught to facilitate critical strategic planning sessions with both high level executives and mid management groups.

Mark is the author of several books but I want to highlight two: First, is “The Power of Personal Accountability,” and the other is his latest best selling business book titled “B State” which offers an entirely new process of management, in which accountability plays a major role.

So let’s dive deep into the every so fun subject of accountability. You’ll be so surprised by the life-changing results of becoming a personally accountable person.

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Also purchase Mark’s books on Amazon: The Power of Personal Accountability and B State.

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