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#65 Sherry Benjamins: Work Reimagined

March 6, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes 

I am super excited about our special guest today, Sherry Benjamins, who is the President and Founder of highly successful Talent Search Firm, S. Benjamins and Company.

Today Sherry and I will engage in a discussion on the dynamics of an entirely new concept of what the workplace and the world of work is going to look like in the very near future. In fact, many companies have already adopted or are in the process of adopting these changes.

The old idea of 9 to 5, show up at the office, do your delegated job and go home is quickly becoming outdated. There is a New Show in the world of Work and that’s what we will be discussing today.

First let me tell you a bit about Sherry. Sherry Benjamins has over 25 years experience in business management, talent strategy consulting, and helping companies find great leaders. Her expertise is in consulting with senior management on strategic work and worker issues in, what is now, unpredictable and changing business landscapes. She is the perfect person to have a conversation about the world of work.

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#64 Charlie: Can You Hear Me Now

February 27, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

Show Notes

Today I’d like to chat with you, and our producer Paul, about a subject that is most dear to me. Bottom line it’s about the positive impact each of us can make on the lives of other people: from the ones we love the most to just about anyone we engage with in a meaningful conversation.

As I have stated often, I have concluded that my single most important goal in life to help people feel better about themselves. It’s really not all that difficult, requiring only that you, in some way, communicate to them that they are important to you.
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How I Attack Anxiety

February 24, 2018 by Charlie Hedges − 0 Comments

“Nothing can stop me now cause I just don’t care anymore.” Trent Reznor, Piggy

I can’t tell you what Trent Reznor had in mind when he wrote this line from Piggy but I can tell you what it means for me. It has to do with how you define the words “don’t care anymore.” For me, in this context “don’t care” does not mean “of little importance,” rather it is an indicator of how I feel about myself. I care about family, friends, beliefs and ideas. But none of these stop me from doing anything or prevent me from being the kind of person I intend to be.
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